Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Know I Wouldn't Believe Me...

Something happened. It was strange. I know if someone told me this I would think they were crazy!! No way that could be true. Must be in their head. Well, here is what happened. In the past I have experienced tingling in my big toes when laying in bed off and on. It is strange and uncomfortable but doesn’t last too long so I shake it off figuring I have bad circulation (which may be the case but I have never checked into it). Then it hit me last night. I stood up from the dinner table and took a trip to the restroom. As I sat down (haha) I felt a stabbing pain on the bottom of my right foot. ‘What in the world is on my foot’ I thought. I quickly finished my business and grabbed my foot in desperation of getting whatever was stabbing me off the bottom of my foot. As I look at my foot, I am shocked. Nothing was there. I examined it over and over for anything that could possibly be hurting me so much, but nothing. I rubbed my foot and attempted to walk it off. But the pain got worse. It was in one particular spot on the bottom of my foot. It felt like someone took a tack and jabbed it into the bottom of my foot. I told Vince what was happening. He said ‘that sure sounds like nerve pain to me’. After about 30 mins or more it finally calmed and eventually went away. I asked Vince if he thought it was connected to my tingling toes. He tthought so. I said, maybe I should get it looked at, but who would ever believe me? I thought of maybe making an appointment with one of Vince’s doctors but what are the odds of me having a problem, when my husband has the same disease. They will think I am imagining it and that I am crazy!!!! I know I would think I was crazy. I have decided that at Vince’s next pain management appointment I will talk to his doctor. We are fairly close with that doctor and maybe I can at least ask what could cause nerve pain in the average healthy human. Vince thinks maybe it is because I am sitting all day at work and then I come home and sit some more. That could be it. But it was so horrible to feel that pain. To think Vince feels it all day everyday and probably on a larger scale made me so sad.

Carelink Is Great

This is a wonderful tool that Minimed offers with their pump. We can track the trends and try to correct them before the A1C check up!
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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Great Thing!

Could the day come when I can leave Vince alone overnight or for a long period of time without too much worry? Honestly, it depends on a lot of factors, however, it seems we are getting one step closer to this becoming a reality. This new device that is in the early stages of being created would bring glucose sensors to a new level. First of all, it is not inserted under the skin. It sits on top of the skin on the abdomen. There is also no calibrations with finger sticks and no warm up time. This allows the user to wear it as often or as infrequent as they want. Best of all, they say that it transmits to your smart phone with the data. Once an alarm sounds, if the user does not attend to it, you can have the device set up to automatically call a phone number you program. The person would be called and alerted that the user is not responding to the alarms on the device. This would inform the person on the other end that the user could potentially be in trouble. This is yet another potential godsend just as the Minimed Revel pump and sensor has been for Vince and I. I hope this becomes available soon!
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

This is what my Sunday mornings consist of. Getting the pills ready for a new week. Between medications and necessary vitamins, you can see this is a job and a half. It scares me to see it all in this picture. The insulin and pump accessories are not even shown. But this is what is needed in order to keep vince going and to keep him as healthy and strong as possible.
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