Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can occur when you have been diabetic for a very long time or when your diabetes is not controlled. The nerve damage can occur in any nerves throughout the body, but most often occurs in the hands/arms and feet/legs. Everyone who has nerve damage has a very different experience with the disease and very different symptoms that range from numbness to extreme pain 24 hours a day. Diabetic Neuropathy for one person can mean some slight numbness. Some people experience pain with the numbness that comes and goes, and for some people the pain is excruciating and lasts every minute of every day. Although it can be crippling and disabling, this is not a disability that is visible to the eye. The pain one feels on the inside cannot be seen by others. There is no cure for nerve pain but there many medications that can help. Many different doctors have many different ideas on how to treat this disease. Some things work better than others. It is best to keep trying new things and see many doctors until you find one who helps the pain and understands you.