Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CGM: Not Always Perfectly Accurate But Still A Blessing

This morning as I looked at Vince’s pump before leaving for work, the following appeared before me:

Although this looks great, my sixth sense of detecting low reactions has now broadened to including when not to trust the CGM completely. I went ahead and did a finger stick to double check and this is what I got:

I decided this was a great time to post some pictures of our daily life of numbers so I grabbed my phone and shot a few; after getting him a drink of course! The numbers speak for themselves. A finger stick is always necessary but the CGM is great at giving you an idea on what your doing and where your headed. Might I add, I didn’t realize what a beating the poor pump takes until I saw this picture?! I think it is time to clean off the blood smears from the finger sticks, what do you think?! Ew! Although, I am sure he isn't the only one! You may be wondering what all of the white marks are. Well, due to the retinopathy, Vince has very little depth perception left so when walking around the house and such, sometimes he misjudges and bumps the wall. On top of that, the pump hangs from his pants pocket or off the bottom of his shirt so it can get bumped around.
While taking the pictures this morning, a thought dawned on me. You see, we recently upgraded to smart phones. We were in the stone age before. Didn’t text or use the web! I know, horrible! So now that we have smart phones, I realized something. If I am ever unsure if Vince is okay, he can text me a picture of his pump or finger stick reading! You see, sometimes, I might suspect him of being low when talking to him on the phone and I have to play detective to be sure he is okay. This is a great way for me to know!


  1. I can't see the white or the smudges on the picture! and as an old person, I think you are very smart to think of asking him to take a picture of the reading!

    keep up the good work!

  2. Oh, crap. That 30 points is a huge discrepancy. Kind of scary, as I know my hubby will not always check if his CGM says he is okay!