Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Same Same

Ever meet someone that was just like you in a certain way, and you just click, like you have known each other for years?

This is kind of what it is like to meet other spouses of Type 1’s. Last year I met a local woman about my age who is married to a Type 1 Diabetic. We live about an hour away from each other but have managed to meet up for lunch to talk, visit, and vent to each other. The first time we met, it felt like we knew each other for years! There was no awkwardness during the first meeting. It was like she knew what I live with and I knew the same for her. We then met up with the hubby’s for lunch a few months later and the four of us, again, got along like old friends. We ‘talked’ the same language.

About a month ago, I was contacted by a student in NYC doing her doctoral dissertation on spouses of Type 1 Diabetics. She found me through my blog and asked if she could interview me. Of course I was happy to meet her. She herself happened to be a spouse of a Type 1 as well! Again, once we met, we talked and chatted like old friends who completely understood each other and each other’s lives. It was amazing. We made plans to keep in touch.

It is so exciting to meet other spouses. They understand what it is like to be woken up by the CGM throughout the night. They understand why I call Vince throughout the day to ‘check in on him’ They get it! They get me!

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