Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Falling FInally Got The Best Of Him

Well, he got his crutches, and uses them a lot, but mostly outside of the house. But three days ago, in the middle of the night, he fell in the bathroom again. (Wasn't using the crutches) He fell and fell hard. Ended up with an extrememly swollen foot and ankle and was sure he broke it.

I called the Podiatrist for an X-Ray. They know us well, so they got him in right away. Turns out he didn't break anything, but did tear a ligament. So, now he is in a walking boot for 10 days until his next check up. The walking boot is helping a lot but he says he can't use that with the crutches Grr As long he is careful, that is all I care about. I am really hoping no surgery will be needed, but we will know more once the swelling goes down. Lot's of ice for now.... and once this is over, he will be using at least one crutch all the time!! (doc said he could use 1 or 2 at a time) Thanks a lot Neuropathy!

And a quick shout out to my brother in law, John. He doesn't read this blog, but he has been a huge blessing to have around and has been a huge help with my taking care of Vince. It was just what we all needed and is working out FANTASTIC!

Also should mention that I have, for the first time ever, enrolled in college!! Should start this fall! More on that later in another post.....

My Communion and Confirmation are this Sunday! Pics to come...

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