Sunday, July 22, 2012

Have I changed?

Has been married to a diabetic with complications changed me? Yes and no. I believe I am still the caring, sweet person I have always thought myself to be however I no longer feel like the push over like I used to be. I often feel like if I can deal with everything I do, and still be a pleasant and good hearted person, then other people in this world around me have no reason to do bad things or treat people poorly. Obviously no one is perfect, but living the life I live has definitely made me look at the world through a different view.

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  1. I can actually tell I've definately changed... not always for the best unfortunately. I'm hoping one day I'll be able to be back to myself, but I do find it hard to not have disappointments and frustration in my husband and the disease itself. My family can tell, I can tell, and my husband... well - I think he tries to disregard it and look at me as the woman he originally met, but I'm sure he can tell.