Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm Back!

You may have been wondering where I went and why my blog had become private. It is a very long story but let’s just say a few people that were reading it decided to judge me and Vince and hold it against us. I had no way of blocking them from the blog so I had to mark it private until I could figure out a way to reopen it to people of my choice.  After many months later, I finally figured out how to change the URL. I will only give this one out to a select few (other than the DOC)

So where are we at today? I am still working 40 hours a week and unfortunately I am looking to add a part time job to the mix as well. Vince being on SSDI has more than caught up with us so we need a bit more income. Vince is doing as well as he can. He is still dealing with the excruciating pain and vision problems however all of the diseases are under control and steady for the moment. He is still using his Minimed Revel Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitor and it is wonderful as always. You know how much I (we) love that little gadget! His extreme lows have been scarce however I continue to call him twice daily while I am at work, just to ease my mind. Life is stressful as ever, but I am trying to work on different things to organize us and ease as much stress as possible.

Until later….. Glad to be back in the blogging world of the DOC!!


  1. Sandy!!!! I've been totally behind the eight ball and can't believe I didn't give you a welcome-back comment earlier in the summer!! But, so glad to have you back sharing your story here in the DOC! Tell Vince hey, too!

  2. Sandy,
    I have only just checked your blog again. I haven't been blogging myself for ages.
    So glad that you are back. I have wondered every now and then how you and Vince were going.
    I look forward to hearing more about how you are doing with Vince and his D.

    Melissa in Australia