Thursday, October 25, 2012


I feel that I am sometimes misunderstood in the DOC. Some people see our story and think I am over bearing and I need to back off. Anyone with or around a person with Diabetes knows, everyones Diabetes affects them and their family in a different way. Our situation is very different from other since Vince has become disabled. I know I worry too much sometimes and yes there are points in our lives when I can become overbearing but 98% of the time, I am needed and so is my help.

We are getting ready for our JDRF walk this Sunday and this is our 2nd time walking. Most of our family is joining us and we are so blessed to have the support we have. I can't wait to raise awareness for this horrible disease that is so misunderstood!! Pictures to come!


  1. Overbearing...
    another label....

  2. totally not overbearing! i love the fact that you are so involved and such an amazing support to your husband!!

  3. Not at all overbearing. Moms of CWDs pray for a spouse for their child just like you. Because when your D child leaves home as an adult... that is when the real worry starts. Single adult PWDs are the ones who bear the highest risk, I believe. With Type 1 diabetes, you need a second pair of watchful eyes, most definitely. And a person with a disability in addition to D, obviously needs even more help. In fact, we are determined to get an alert dog before she heads off to college for just that reason. You cannot guarantee you will wake up in the middle of the night to treat a low. You cannot guarantee that your liver will always cooperate and kick in with the counterregulatory response. I have slept through those anemic cgms alarms. There is no substitute for one concerned human being looking out for another. God bless you.