Thursday, October 4, 2012

It’s Not Exactly The Same But…………………….

Ever hear people say how taking care of their kids is a full time job? Day and night, right? They always need something. How do you think that compares with taking care of a disabled person?

That being said, this is what has been getting under my skin lately. When having conversations with co-workers and they will say, “well you don’t have kids, so you’re not as busy” This drives me crazy. These people know my situation! First of all, the part of me not having kids of my own is a sensitive subject that I am trying to work through. So that alone will set me off. (that is a whole other story) But back to the comment. I agree kids are different than an adult who needs assistance. I have also been around them plenty to understand though, as much as I can possibly understand without actually having my own. My nieces and nephews are like my own, and there have been times that I would see them every single day. So I understand where these parents are coming from when they say it’s nonstop. My argument is the fact that, I work like the working parent does. I work 2 jobs in fact. I come home and have to clean the house, do laundry, make my lunch and breakfast for work the next morning. Make dinner for Vince and myself and be sure there are leftovers for him to heat up the next day for his lunch, and then clean up afterwards. Give injections and/or medications to Vince and make sure I am home in time to change his pump site or CGM site. Put medication on his feet. Check the doctor appointment schedule. Make sure to check the medication supply about every other day to be sure we are not going to run out by the time the next supply delivery arrives. Call the mail order pharmacy to schedule the deliveries. Then you have the issue of Vince not being able to do things for himself if he is having a really bad day. He’s thirsty. I will get him a drink. He needs the iPad from across the room and can’t bear to put weight on his pained feet, so he asks if I could please get it for him. I don’t do all of these things every day. Maybe more some days than others, but it is nonstop. You get the idea. I am not by any means complaining about helping him. I love him and want to help. He is very considerate when asking me for things or help. My point is that he unfortunately needs me in ways children need adults. Some days are better than others, but what I want to say to these people when they make comments about me not having children is, “take a walk in my shoes for a day and let me know how easy caring for a disabled person is, and then we will talk”

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  1. its not ok for people with kids to feel entitled to anything because they have kids
    whether its sympathy or time off from work or whatever
    its a choice to have kids and a blessing
    and its a a personal decision
    I get angry for you
    "not as busy" hmmph!
    I don't care what you do with your time
    I'm tired of people choosing to have a family and then whining about it
    they need to grow up
    we know that you have a greater burden
    hang in there....