Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Look Inside...

A look inside a Type 1 Diabetic's wife's purse. Tums and Chapstick for me...and Diabetic supplies for him...


  1. I've said it before...
    you are a better wife than I am
    I don't carry all that stuff for Tom
    then again, he doesn't want me to do that
    sometimes I carry glucose gel or some candy
    but that's it
    he takes care of his own supplies
    You are a great person Sandy
    keep it up
    you have my admiration and respect!

  2. He carries his own supplies but I just have these on my in case of an emergency. Like, some people keep spares in the car. We don't like to do that because of the extreme temps in a car, so I just use my purse instead.