Monday, February 25, 2013

Anxiety Plays A Bigger Part Than I Thought

Last week was tough for me. Vince was sick with a nasty cold and was extremely drowsy. That started on Sunday. On Monday morning, I took him to the doctor. By Tuesday, I had completely lost it. I was so stressed, I cried all day at work. I must have called my brother in law at least twice last week in tears. I think my supervisor/friend got a tearful episode as well. By Wednesday, into Thursday, I was starting to think a little more clearly. I realized that although I have a lot on my plate, it's not as bad as it could be. I think my Anxiety and my constant worrying magnify our situation. The thing is, I don't always acknowledge this until after the fact. Better late than never I suppose. By the time I calm down, I get so embarrassed and apologetic at whoever got the wrath of my tears.

I need to start acknowledging that although I have a lot on my plate, that is no question, that I also have a severe Anxiety issue. I need to remember that if I am having an exceptionally hard day or week, that I need to take a step back and think about the real issue at hand. Is it all being overwhelmed by my care taking tasks, or is it an Anxiety attack. Through it all, last week I was visiting with some great friends and talked about my issues with them more than usual. I think we have more people in our corner than I realized and it's a great feeling.

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