Tuesday, October 29, 2013

3rd Annual JDRF Walk

Below are pictures from our walk this year. The Sugar Free Floyd's exceeded our fundraising goal for JDRF!

Team Sugar Free Floyds
From left to right: Vince, me, Melissa, Adam, Walt, Rich, Brooke, Zach, Mom, Chris, Karen, Violet, Rory, Brian, and Kayla

 Vince and I

Adam and Melissa

Vince and Walt

Zach and Brooke

Chris and Mom

We were towards the end of the line. Look at all those people!

Tyler State Park, Newtown PA. Beautiful day!

Tyler State Park, Newtown PA. Beautiful day!

JDRF Funds at work!

I loved the back of this walk teams t-shirts!

At first I thought this was Medtronic's Lenny the Lion, but I believe this was a random person dressed up. It was pretty funny though.

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