Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Not So Simple

What affects Vince’s blood sugar:

Physical pain
Pump infusion site
Pump malfunctions
Quality of insulin
Basal rates
Bolus ratios
Correction ratios
Extreme air temperatures

And sometimes….. the unknown… meaning, he will have highs and lows and have no explanation whatsoever as to the reason why.

So when someone asks if his Diabetes is “controlled”, we normally reply with a “yes”, but what we really want to say is well, it depends on the day, the hour, and the minute. A Diabetic can go from perfectly okay, to being rushed to the ICU in a matter of seconds. And if this were to happen, it simply means something is ‘out of whack’ and needs correcting. It doesn’t necessarily mean the person is not controlling their disease.

All of these things are what makes Diabetes such a difficult disease to not only live with, but to understand as well.

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