Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Few Updates...

I thought I would post a few updates on Vince’s health as well as my own.

Vince went to the audiologist for his second appointment regarding the hearing loss in his right ear. It turns out there was fluid in his inner ear and they were able to clear it out. Vince was terrified that the Diabetes had caused deafness which we learned it is a true complication of Diabetes when talking with the doctor, but he was very lucky to have finally gotten away from yet another complication.  As it normally goes with Vince, when something goes wrong, it usually turns out to be the worst case scenario, but this time it wasn’t! We were thrilled! He also had his 6 month follow up visit with the pulmonologist. The asthma has been under control with the Singulair he was prescribed and the doctor was happy with how his lungs sounded. He asked Vince to come in for a follow up 1 year from now. Normally, Vince’s follow up appointments for his specialists vary between 3-6 months so that they can keep an eye on him, so when he said 1 year, we knew this was a good sign and that he is stable, at least in this area. One more good appointment he had was with his Endocrinologist at the University of Penn Hospital. Don’t be confused. Vince sees TWO Endocrinologists. One for the Diabetes management and a second for the hormone management. Well, the tests came back and the HCG shots he has been on have worked and his testosterone is back up to a normal level. Although he will be taking the painful shots long term, he is happy to finally feel a little better with the hormones leveled out. This doctor ALSO said she would like him back in 1 year.

These are little victories, but looking back over the past 2-4 years, it is showing that some of his diseases and conditions are stabilizing. All of our hard work is paying off.

Now on to me. I have had a few issues myself lately. Having extremely bad stomach pains and upset after a meal once in a while has always been a norm for me. I just always assumed I had a sensitive stomach and since I am not too careful about what I put in it, then I guess that is what will happen, right? Well, a few weeks ago, I had horrible heartburn and pain in my side, around to my back. I went to the doctor and they said take it easy on the food and prescribed me some medication for the heartburn. A few days later, all was well. Then about two weeks later, I had one of my stomach episodes while I was at work. I will save you from the details, but this was the worst episode I ever had. I called my family doctor and after explaining my symptoms, I was advised to go to the ER. The ER doctor gave me some medication to help me feel better and took some blood work and advised me to follow up with my family doctor. I have since been referred to a gastroenterologist. I think what I will be told is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. So long story short, I probably need to eat more bland foods and watch what I eat overall. I have since been doing this but it isn’t without a struggle. I am a huge emotional eater. Happy, sad, angry, or anxiety ridden, I turn to food. It’s an adjustment, but I think I can keep it up!


  1. IBS actually isn't horrible. I have it : ) - ok, not sure if that requires a smiley. When do you see the gastro doctor? I've had random issues, some big, some small, some not even related to the other. I've dealt with heartburn, stomach pain, and side pain... they were all separate issues, so I would definately go in with an open mind. He may be overzealous about tests and what not, but just go with the flow. I bounced around 3 or 4 doctors one time till one was finally able to give me a whole answer to it. It stinks... but now I'm babbling.

  2. UGH it's so painful though. Those stomach cramps are the worst! I also nearly pass out from it when I get it which I am told is a lovely side effect that not all people get. We'll see what they say :/

    1. When's the gastro dr appointment? If your issues are getting worse and making it hard to get stuff done see if your normal dr can get another one that may have earlier appointments or if you can see if your appointment can be raised. I have bad news though... they'll probably do a colonoscopy (ewwww). That's just a warning. They're actually not bad. You're basically knocked out during it and it's an outpatient procedure.

  3. I go tomorrow night. I feel fine now. The episodes just come and go. My doc warned me about the colonoscopy. UGHHH