Thursday, September 27, 2012

Never too prepared

I have posted about this in the past but thought I would talk about it again. Some people like to keep spare supplies in the car in case of emergencies. Spare strips, meter, glucose, etc. I have never been a fan of that due to the car reaching extreme temperatures during the Winter and Summer. Most, if not all, diabetic supplies instruct you to store within room temperature. So since Vince is with me 99% of the time when he leaves the house, I thought it only made sense to keep the spare supplies in my purse since I don’t leave without it. He doesn’t drive, so he’s rarely out of the house without me. When he does leave the house, he brings his regular supply bag with him. I have decided to carry glucagon, a meter, some glucose, 2-3 spare test strips, a spare pump battery, and a few other odds and ends in my case. Since test strips do expire over time once you open a new pack, I take 2-3 strips out of his current pack and put them in mine and date it. That way I will know how long they have been in there and if they need to get thrown out, it is only a few. I do also have a note card stating that the supplies are for him, not me, just in case. I wouldn’t want them to think I was the diabetic instead of him. Luckily, we have not had the need to use the supplies for emergencies yet, however they have come in handy. We attended a wedding and he didn’t want to carry his bag with him all night. I already had my purse, so there was no need for him to carry around his bag anyway. He just tested with the supplies in my purse. He did need help at this particular instance, as the lighting was dimmed at the reception so it was difficult for him to see what was being done so of course I helped. With his vision issues and his nerve damage issues, he needs my help more than people realize. I think this is why I feel like I am the Diabetic sometimes. I am just glad that he accepts my help and that we work together. Normally we don’t even have to speak to get these things done. It’s almost as if it’s his brain and my eyes and hands sometimes. I always say his disabilities have seemed to have brought us closer. Maybe this is why. Because we both have to be on top of our game to keep him healthy. But I don’t mind. I don’t mind doing all this if it means he is healthy. We are a good team.

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  1. And yesterday he used my supplies. LOL. I went to the doc and he didn't bring his bag. I noticed but I knew I had mine so I didn't say anything. While in the doc office, his CGM alerted to calibrate. Without question, he got the supplies from my purse. He knew they were there. I think this system works well.