Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Magazine Appearance!

A month or so ago, I was contacted by Diabetes Forecast. They had apparently found Vince and I through my blog. They are writing an article about the complications of Diabetes and wanted to feature Vince. He set up a phone interview with a writer from the magazine and they discussed his complications. Everything from how and when he was diagnosed with the complications, to how he is living with the disabilities today.

At that point, we were not sure how much of his phone interview would be in the article. All we were told is that the article will be in the November issue of the magazine. Then, we were surprised by another email from the woman who asked if they could send out a photographer for a photo shoot with Vince. We were so excited! Within two days, we got him a nice new outfit, a new hair cut, and cleaned the house in preperation for the shoot. They came out and did a few shots for the article. I took some behind the scenes photos:

I asked the photographer if he could take a picture of us with my phone and he actually took one with my phone AND with his camera. I am not sure if it will be in the magazine though since the article is not about my role in his care, but we will see.

 These are a few photos showing him walking for excersize. Although he normally walks around our apartment and in the yard, they asked that we pick a more scenic area so we found a local park with a walking path.

These last two are showing how he uses his stationary bike for excersize and to keep his legs mobile.

We still do not know how little or big this article is going to turn out, but nonetheless it is very exciting. Whether it is just a small picture and information about him, or an entire article on him, we are not sure, but we will share once we get the issue!

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