Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raised but with Reason

Today Vince and I visited his Endocrinologist and pain management doctors. For some reason, it stressed me. Normally, I don't think visiting with the docs stresses me but it did today. It seems that they all say something different, and quite frankly, aside from stressing me, it kind of pissed me off.

First, let me update you all, since I don't believe I have done so yet. The pituitary MRI came back normal, no tumors. This is great, but we still don't know what is wrong with him. We are waiting to make an appointment with a specialist at the University of Penn. While at the check ups today, we mentioned this new found problem. The Endocrinologist said the problem could be from being diabetic for such a long time. The pain doctor said it is most likely from the pain medication he has been on for an extended period of time. This is what makes me mad. Although both doctors show a caring side to us and seem to genuinely want to help, they just blamed the problem on their on specialty. That's not helping us, so I suppose we will go straight to the correct doctor and see what is truly causing it. One other thing that annoyed me is that when we mentioned to his pain doctor that he had been getting migraines, the doctor suggested a new treatment he is offering for migraines: Botox. Seriously? Come on! We were like yeah we'll think about it. I asked what could be causing them and his answer was, I don't know but Botox can help. As soon as we walked out the door I asked Vince if he was seriously considering it, and thank god he said no way. Whew.

So back to the Endo appointment. It went well. Vince lost 30 pounds. His liver, kidneys, and all other blood work came back good. Then comes the A1C. We knew since he had that out of control sugar last month from the one medicine his family doctor prescribed, that it was going to be higher. So 7.3% should not have been a surprise. And it really wasn't. The doctor said he would like it lower but completely understood the reason it went up a little bit. He adjusted a few basels and said keep up the good work. He was very concerned about the pituitary problem, and asked us to be sure to keep him updated.

Ok so as I am trying to write this to clear my head and relax, this stupid iPad lost pasrt of the post and I don't know what I wrote...ugh. Let's try this again.

Where was I? Oh right. I was saying how we are waiting to buy a house so we can save more money. I am a little happy about this because I could not take much more of the house hunting stress anyway. Instead, we are going to transfer to a two bedroom apartment in the same complex. Since we have lived here for so many years, they arent even going to charge us to transfer. I am excited since it has been completely renovated. We will probably move fourth of July weekend! Gotta get packing!


  1. good luck with your move. i hope you get some answers soon. its frustrating to have these 'experts' taking educated guesses. Not sure if your husband has been on any antidepression medications for his pain, but omg the list of 'side effects' including some long term is endless. you need some answers.

  2. That is wonderful news on the housing front. Less stress AND having more money for when you are ready to buy are great things Sandy.

    Please keep us up-to-date on the Pituitary issue. How frustrating to not know what in the heck is going on.

    And...Botox? Really? I'll have to google that one.

  3. Sandy,
    Really do hope you get some answers. At this point, we have so many unanswered questions about different symptoms with my own hubby that it boggles the mind. At this point, he has 3 "sets" of doctors, and they all either don't know what is causing things, or have different ideas. It has become an endless merry-go-round. Sorry to be so negative, but it is VERY frustrating! And it is very stressful as the spouse to listen to all this, and not get any helpful answers. Wishing you and Vince the best . . .

  4. Good luck with the move...any chance the migraines are due to food intolerance? I mention that because i used to have migraines but have not had them since i eliminated gluten and dairy and soy and eggs and caffeine and alcohol and most sugar from my diet.
    I know this is recent but for me what i eat really does impact how i feel.
    good luck with the move and with getting to the root of the current problem.
    HUGS and LOVE

  5. Hi Sandy -- I love the new look to your blog!
    jelly beans! mmmmm!
    Happy about the house hunting/apartment move - sounds like you are feeling good about the new decision.
    Sad about the frustration over the meds and docs -- but you know I have a high intolerance for the medical industry. Why can't they just say they don't know -- talk to each other - and figure out how to make the pain go away?
    I'm not diabetic but used to get them
    a doc started prescribing me topomax a bunch of years ago and I have only had one or two migraines since -- I think its my wonder drug

    don't know why it worked for me or why it may or may not work for someone else - just my experience.