Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't Forget the Low Factor

It was 2:30AM and I woke up looking for Vince. I go out to the living room to find him playing his Playstation 3. He likes to do this to clear his head. He said he will be coming to bed soon, so I go back to sleep. I wake up again at 4:30AM and find that he still isn’t in bed. Worried that he may have gone low, I go looking for him again. I find him asleep in the recliner on the couch. I didn’t want to wake him so I turned off some of the lights and turn off the TV. I checked his sensor and it said his number was 165 with an arrow going down. Since I was half asleep, I forgot to check how quickly it was going down. I just saw the 165 and figured he would be fine and went back to bed. The alarm clock went off at 6:45AM, so I got up for work. I went to the living room and woke him up and told him he should go to bed. As soon as he woke up, he was screaming in horrible pain. He was mad that he slept out on the couch and thinks it was bad for his body and caused his pain to be worse. I told him I didn’t want to wake him and that is why I left him on the couch. He was just screaming at the pain. I was telling him to calm down and to be quiet and he started yelling at me telling me I don’t understand the pain. Saying no one understands how horrible it is and so on.  I was getting annoyed since he was screaming more than usual and was very agitated. I continued to try to get ready for work as he was dealing with waking up and being in pain. His pump beeped at him and he told me he was low on insulin and needed a site change. Annoyed already by all the drama of the morning, I got the supplies and helped him with the site change. As I continued to get ready for work, he tested his blood sugar and announced that he was 49. At this, I mumble under my breath “Well that is why your acting like an idiot”. I didn’t even realize I had said it. He said don’t call me an idiot. I said it wasn’t you, the low sugar was making you act like one. All of the yelling and frustration was from the pain and was heightened because he was low! So we treated his low and he finally returned to his normal sane self. He could tell I was in a bad mood and he said I’m sorry I was yelling and if I said anything mean to you. I said, you just kept yelling about everything. He apologized and gave me a big hug and kiss and of course said what a wonderful wife I am and thanked me for helping him. I hate how low sugar makes him act like someone he is not. It is so frustrating. I wish I had thought to check his sugar earlier. He hasn’t had to many bad lows lately, so I guess I just wasn’t thinking about it. I am just so thankful that Vince and I have such a great understanding of his medical conditions and how it affects him. If he or I get mad, once we calm down, we always apologize and talk it out. We know we aren’t really yelling at each other. It is just the sucky situation.


  1. These times are no fun at all. You are very fortunate that Vince cares enough to apologize afterwards.

  2. Yes, I am very lucky to have him

  3. I have beat myself up time and time again...for a ridiculously difficult to deal with getting angry...doling out "time outs" ... only to find out he was indeed "low". You have to be "on" ALL.THE.TIME. And, that is impossible.


    I like the "idiot" comment..."real" and "true" in our "day-in-the-life".

  4. Oh Sandy,

    What a way to start the day!

    I'm beginning to think it has to be easier/quicker to stop the yelling when the DH is low. Mine only seems to be high (type 2). I don't have any idea how to level him out?

    Hopefully the rest of your day will be nice.

  5. Sandy, it is so great that you take care of Vince so well and that he appreciates you - at least later if not in the middle of it
    its hard, though, especially in the morning
    but you can't blame yourself for not checking his level
    isn't that what he is supposed to do?

  6. Yes he would have checked it if he was awake lol