Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Don't See it Everyday

As Vince and I walked through the grocery the other day, we heard a man say, “you have the same pump as I do” Vince’s pump normally hangs off his pocket of his pants so it is quite visible. The man’s wife was down the isle with their cart and he said it as he was passing us to get to her. It was so out of the blue. I walked toward him and noticed his Minimed Revel Pump on his belt and I asked him how long he had been diabetic. He said 50 years. He looked to be in his 60’s or 70’s (I am very bad at guessing ages). I asked him if he uses the sensor with the pump and he said no. His insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the sensor. How sad! I hate hearing this! He did agree with us though that the Revel is a great pump and is awesome. I love seeing this, even though I know their life is as difficult as the rest of us, which is sad. I told Vince as we walked away how it makes me feel good to see others with a pump. He agreed. It makes us feel like we are not alone. There are others in our little screwed up world. That is why I love talking to all of the Diabetic Online Community here. You don’t see a person with a pump walking down the grocery isle everyday!


  1. It's always nice to meet someone else going through like circumstances. My hubby's insurance won't cover the sensor either, but thinking we should try requesting it again.

  2. Me too! I love running into other "pumpers". It gives you the "same-same" feeling.

  3. I know a lady in my town who has the pump and a young lady about nineteen years old and nothing stops her, sportswise and otherwise...inspiring...glad you had a good experience in the grocery store and that the fellow pumper made contact...we need to hang on to all those "good" times. HUGS and LOVE

  4. Tom had a monitor (is that the same as a sensor? it monitors the glucose in his system?) for awhile
    but it failed one too many times and the company doesn't make them anymore

    his insurance won't pay for another one until some date in the future - not sure when -- he is not very good at keeping me informed

    and while I got sick of the beeping
    it was better than the lows we are dealing with now

    the pump is good - but with the monitor well its so much better

    and, Sandy, to your point,
    Tom has a friend at work who is also a D1
    he has a pump and a sensor
    he has also had 2 kidney surgeries - we are waiting to hear about the next

    its great to actually have a live person going through the same things

    but the wife - who is a terrific person
    is still in a bit of denial
    they have only been married for a couple of years - even though they are my age
    and its so hard for her
    I get it but I want her to get it also
    you know?

    sorry to go on so long
    but we are part of a circle......

  5. hahah did you feel like kindred spirits !