Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's That Time Again...

It is that time again to fill a round of prescriptions.

The list this time? 15 vials of insulin, 540 muscle relaxers, 90 pills of blood pressure meds, and 90 days of asthma pills. All 90 day scripts. It's a lot. A lot of medicine and a lot of copays. This however is only SOME of his medicine. Just what happened to need refilling right now.

Most of the medication comes from our local CVS Pharmacy. I am not a fan of CVS however with our insurance, to get the best co pay price, we are forced to go there. If I hit them on a good day, the few people that know what they are doing are there and it goes smoothly. Today I called to see if everything was in stock and I got great service. It's nice when they know you AND know what they are doing LOL I will have to place a Medtronic supply order soon too. That is mail order from Medtronic directly but they are great and UPS shows up just a few days after ordering. So, here we are! Time to stock up again!

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