Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beep Beep

It’s 4AM once again and what do I hear??? Beeeeppppp!!!!!! Let me back up for a minute. It’s 1AM and I wake up looking for Vince. I go to the living room to find him and he is about to come to bed. Fast forward back to 4AM again. Beep Beep. Low predicted is on the screen with a number that I believe was around 85. He is clearly not hearing the alarm and seems to be too drowsy to find the pump hanging on his shirt and comprehend what it says. I clear the alarm and go back to sleep. What I believe was about 20 minutes later, the beeping starts again. I try to wake him “Your beeping!!!” No response other than a mumble. Stupid drowsiness at it’s best. This time it was saying 70 something. (I was half asleep lol) Again I clear it and go back to bed. I cannot seem to remember that his actual sugar is usually lower than what is shown on the screen in the middle of a drop. Sometime later, probably 20 minutes or so, I hear the beeps again. At this point it says he is in the 60’s. I get out of bed, turn on the light and get out his meter. He isn’t showing signs of being low so I test him to find a 45 on the screen. UGH! Not again! And the routine begins again. I grab the drink by his side and ask him if it is regular. He says yes. I take a sip to double check. I ask him if he feels low and he says nope. I checked to see if he had any active insulin. 0.9 units show, so we should be fine if he can get the entire cup of sweet tea down. I did ask him why he even had brought a regular drink to bed since he normally brings diet. He said just in case. Once he drank it all down, I told him I was going back to sleep and if he hears the beeping, to pleeeaaaassseeee get it so I don’t have to get up again since I have to get up for work soon. He feels bad. He promises he doesn’t hear the beeping. I believe it. I know on the rare occasion that he does hear it, he will attend to it. He often sleeps through it during the night and during his naps. Not a good thing… I lay back down in bed but I make sure to face his side since I know the cgm thinks he is still low and will be beeping in a few minutes and I will be annoyed if I have to roll over to clear it. Can you tell I get cranky when my sleep is interrupted? Haha I finally fall asleep and am awoken I think one more time before my alarm goes off for work. I really think that this is like training me for when and if we have a baby cause I don’t do well with being woken up all the time. The cranky switch turns on. Before I leave for work, I prick his finger and see a 113 on the screen. Looks like the ice tea worked just fine. I also know that at this point in the morning his sugar always starts rising on its own so it will go up a little more too. Around 10:00AM I talked to him again and asked him how his sugar was doing. The sensor showed 114 with one arrow going up. I am pretty sure his actual number is a little higher. Today is a sensor site change day, and usually by site change day, the sensor is off a little so that explains part of that. I also asked him why he had some active insulin at 4AM in the morning. He said he ate something around 12AM. He has been having a very hard time with his appetite lately from one of his neuropathy related medications. He isn’t always eating dinner and will eat something small later in the evening/night. He says he gets extremely sick to his stomach and just can’t eat sometimes. I told him, just eat when you can. We decided not to call the doctor about the lows. They will just tell him to stop eating at night and at this point, that is not an option. If he doesn’t eat at night, he will not be eating at all other than a small lunch on some days and that just isn’t enough, day after day. I am sure it will pass, so we have to struggle through. Vince feels bad that I have once again been up at night for him. We both have a “feeling bad about things” issue don’t we? Lol All we can hope for is that in the future, a louder alarm will be on the market and his drowsiness will subside. Until then, we have to both be on alert as much as we are able.

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