Saturday, July 9, 2011

Moved with D along for the ride

So, I am finally back. It's been about a week or maybe more since I have posted. We moved into a bigger place and although it was literally around the corner, it was still a move and still annoying. We spent a month packing, had lots of awesome family members who offered to help and the move went very smooth. Been in the new place one week and loving it! Newer kitchen and bath along with new carpet feels great. The old apartment had it's issues but I realized when we moved out that I need to clean more. A lot of the "mess" was lint from the dryer related (a whole other story) but I admit, some was us just not cleaning enough. To tell you the truth, I am just too tired most of the time to clean! But the new place is nice so I will force myself to do it. Vince and I have also talked about a few things he can do to help around the house. Simple things, but things that I won't have to do myself nonetheless. I told him, if he doesn't feel up to it, then don't do it. There is always tomorrow. Speaking of Vince helping, he was a great help during the move. That morning, he began moving boxes with the rest of us. His brothers and I reminded him to slow down and take it easy but he didn't listen. His pain quickly became overwhelming and his steam ran out. My sister in law came outside and said he was in bad shape and needed me. I mumbled under my breath that I can't help but I went to him. He was screaming in pain. His other diabetic older brother asked if this happens all the time and I said yes. I got Vince his pain medicine and told him to take it easy and just sit there until they kicked in. The rest of the day he just walked around following people and grabbed a pillow here and there. When we were all done, his brothers told him he shouldn't have pushed himself so hard and he just explained that he couldn't let everyone move his stuff while he just watched. Of course they thought that was silly, but they understood. For the next few days, we tried to unpack, between taking naps. He slept most of the day for a day or two. Once I went back to work, he would unpack a box or two each day and ask me what else he could do to help. Like I said, he was awesome. I think he needed that. For his self esteem. We are working on that too. Anyway, the night before the move, Vince was hovering low and the CGM, Mr. beeps, lived up to his name once again, and kept me up most of the night. Vince was very drowsy. So much so that he didn't even remember talking to his one brother on the phone that night. The next morning, after a sleepless night for myself, I mentioned to him that his brother was coming to help move that day and he was confused. It was then that we discovered that between his low sugar and drowsy state from the meds, he wasn't aware of much that happened that night. Before the "movers" came, we went out to get the moving truck and to get me a cappuccino to try to get me through on no sleep. He faught off lows all day that day and the following days after the move. A few more nights full of beeps, but finally his body evened out and I got some sleep. It must have been all that energy and exercise his body isnt use to because he was running so low that he had to drink sugary drinks all day for a few days just to stay even. So we are now just trying to get organized and get back into our routine, which I missed during moving week, but we are almost back to normal. Normal for us that is...


  1. Wish you could have left that terrible diabeties behind and not pack it.......some how it found your new address.....something you are allowed to be very rude to and never invite it over. Just some wishful thoughts......hope you have a relaxing weekend. Make something special for dinner......set the table some flowers....and use all the pretty things you just moved. Used the pretty dishes, uses the fancy glasses, put a table cloth in the table, light the candles and enjoy the company of each other. Best wishes in your new home. Jeanine

  2. Aw, thanks Jeanine :) I don't know how it found us lol I know I didn't pack it ;)

  3. Bless your heart. Glad you got moved, but I wish you had more help unpacking, sounds like Vince really tried to help. You have the patience of Job. : )
    Hope your new place is perfect! : )