Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Broke The Rules

It's 4AM. Beep Beep Beep. Are you kidding me?? I am starting the bad habit again of ignoring the CGM beeping at night since we have had so many false alarms when he is holding steady around 80-90. Nights are tough for Vince. They always have been. He runs high all the time during the night. It couldn't be controlled by his Lantus shot, no matter the dose, which is why he is back on the pump. (he loves the pump though now and won't go back to shots) The doctor will adjust his basal rates when he sees he is too high during the night hours, and then it will be good for awhile, and then he will start going to low. It's a bad cycle. Anyway, it's 4AM, beep beep, so I grunt and moan and I get up to look at the "false alarm" 58 is on the screen with a nice downward sloped line. Shoot. I turn on the light and Vince is full of sweat. He is alert but sweaty. I ask him if he feels low and he says yes. I don't even bother to check his finger stick. It's obvious the CGM is right. He has a drink on his nightstand and I asked him if it is regular and he says yes. He sits up and drinks it. I take a sip half way through just to be sure it is in fact regular. I checked his active insulin. Crap. 3.5 units still active. The soda won't do it this time. He must eat something. Oh no! We have a rule in the new place that we have worked hard to stick to. NO EATING OUTSIDE THE KITCHEN!! All drinks must have a lid (mostly for Vince since they tend to slip out of his numb pained hands) so I venture to the kitchen to find a clean snack. Hmm... A special k bar. That should work. I take it to him and he carefully eats. He is just as strict as I am with the new rule ;) He asks me for something else to eat and more drink. I agree since the bar only had about 19 carbs in it and with the 3.5 units still active, more snacks won't hurt. I say I agree since when he is low, sometimes the hunger takes over and he will eat a horse if he could. Just another beautiful side effect of being low. So I venture back to the kitchen for another clean snack. I return with a few tortilla chips on a plate and I ask Vince if he can eat them without making a mess. He says yes, and he did! Yay! He drinks some more Dr Pepper and says he is going to take a shower since he is drenched in sweat. I ask him if he is okay enough to take a shower by this point and he is. I lay back down, but leave the light on so he can see on his way back. I close my eyes and listen for any falls, screams, or anything that could happen. He returns to the bedroom all clean and lays back down. I don't know what time it is by this point but we are both able to finally go back to sleep. 


  1. SO thankful you have a CGM!! : )

  2. Us too holly, us too! The days and nights before CGM were not pretty...

  3. Love the rules...I used to have rules about the kids not eating while watching TV. I now let them do it on Sat and Sun mornings while they watch cartoons. That is it though.

    So glad the CGM alerted you!

  4. Hi! I just found you...I didn't even read this post yet, but I wanted to say hi and tell you how excited I am to get to know you.

    My son has type 1.....he's only 10, but I'm already praying for the amazing woman he'll marry one day.

    As the mother of a type 1....thank you for all you do for your husband. You are a blessing and an inspiration!