Sunday, July 31, 2011


I just have to post about how disorganized our government can be. Vince just got a jury duty notice. Do they not check the disability records before sending these out? Now, it is up to us to call and explain that he cannot attend because he is disabled? I sure hope that is an excusable reason! This is crazy! Okay, just had to get that out :)

Update: I called the jury office and they said all they need to see is Vince's SSDI award letter and he will be excused. Whew!


  1. Typically, someone won't be excused based on Type 1 diabetes. The courts can usually make the necessary accomodations for the person and doesn't just excuse... But it does depend on the jurisdiction, and probably on the severity of a "disability" - so with more extensive pain like Vince apparently has, that could be a way out. Calling would probably be the best first option, as well as getting a note from his doctor stating why jury duty wouldn't be optimal.

  2. I would think if a person is on social security disability, that should say enough lol how annoying lol

  3. !!! gosh. i agree you better give them a ring. the government seems like they always need you to do their job for them.