Monday, July 18, 2011

The Floyd's Are Getting Organized!

As we get situated in our new home, we have found new ways to be organized. One thing we thought would be helpful is a written schedule of when Vince’s insulin pump and sensor needs to be changed. Since this is something that I have to assist him with, it is important to stay on schedule, so that we can be sure the site changes are happening at times that I am at home with him. We change his insulin every other day and his CGM sensor every 6 days. The pump will retain the dates and data on when the changes occur and that is normally what we go by, however, there are times that we do not remember until late at night when I am already in bed, or early the next morning before I go to work. To avoid this, we have now begun to use a calendar as a reminder tool to keep us organized and it seems that, to have it written out to glance at quickly, it is helping us to be more organized and prepared for when the site changes are occurring. We are also noting when certain medications he uses need to be filled. A few of the medications cannot be on refill, so we have to physically drop them off each month when they are needed. It is very important not to forget to run to the pharmacy on that day, so writing this down as a reminder is a great help.

We have also added a dry erase board to help us with reminders. We can leave each other notes and notes for ourselves here. If you haven’t noticed, we aren’t too good at remembering things with all that we have going on, so I think these things will be very helpful.


  1. Sounds like a great idea! : ) I used the calendar on my phone mostly now-I was having so much trouble syncing my phone and paper calendar-I love your big one! You won't miss it! : )

  2. We've been in our new house for over a month and I'm STILL not orginized. I need to set the dry erase board up one of the days soon. Thanks for the reimnder!

    -Joanne @ deathofapancreas. Don't know why I can't log in to comment sometimes... stupid google