Friday, March 25, 2011

Come On Spring !!

The last few weeks of spring and winter weather every other day have wrecked havoc on Vince's nerve pain. A few days feeling mild pain, then it was 65 degrees outside and sunny and he had horrible pain! I checked the forecast and sure enough a storm was headed our way. This winter has been the worst so far. His pain has been worst than ever and we finally came to the conclusion that the weather plays a very BIG role in how he feels. Needless to say we either need to move to move to the Bahamas or live in a bubble through the winter :) I am hoping and praying that once spring hits for good, that he will get a slight bit of relief. This up and down every day with the pain is so hard to watch and makes it so hard for him to function. A lot of times, by the time the pain let's up a little bit, he is so exhausted from the continuous excruciating pain, that all he can do is rest and sleep while he feels a little better to try to recoup from the episode and get ready for the next. It's a vicious cycle but amazingly he powers through :)

1 comment:

  1. UGH...sounds like it is hard to watch him endure the pain Sandy. I am sure you are a great support to him. I think a move to the Bahamas is in order...don't you?!