Sunday, March 20, 2011

Type 3 ?

I absolutely love what I just read. I was on and was reading about family and friends support to a diabetic, and how important and crucial it is to the diabetic. How it helps the diabetic stay positive, and helps them to stay motivated and in good health. They referred to the caregivers as "type 3" I know this is just a term that dlife uses, but when I read it, I loved it! I have said before how I forget fairly often that I am not the diabetic in the house, but as the caregiver, you quite often feel like the diabetic! Not that you would ever want to have this disease, but it is so great that caregivers are being recognized and referred to as Type 3! Now we have a name to how we feel! Though we are not diabetic, we certainly feel like it at times! Here is the link. It has some great caregiving information, whether you care for an adult or a child.


  1. WOOT - WOOT...let's belly bump to it fellow "Type 3"!!!!

  2. Hi Sandy,
    good luck -- welcome to the world of the diabetic spouse!
    Tom's Wife