Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is your Endo your family?

What a day. Vince has been sounding like he is wheezing in his breathing for a few weeks now, and we haven't really addressed it. I guess we have bigger things to worry about? I suppose so. 

Well today it really sounded bad so I took him to see our family doctor. This is one doctor that he doesn't see very often. He just goes to the office for his blood work and flu shots etc. We just figure, with the 6 specialists he sees frequently, there is no need to see the family doctor. Surely, one of these other guys would pick up on something that might be wrong, right? Well, apparently not. Our family doctor knows us pretty well, since I go there too. When she saw it was Vince as the patient she said, "my! Haven't seen you in about 3 years since you got sick with bronchitis" (btw that was a week before our wedding day lol) I spoke up and explained we actually didn't think it was necessary since he is constantly under a doctors care but she brought up a good point to that. A family doctor is someone that can take all of those doctors someone sees and be the "one in charge" and make sure nothing is missed in the patients care. This makes complete sense, I just never really thought about it. We always think of his Endo as his family doctor. He takes his blood pressure, put him on meds, checks his cholesterol, put him on meds, and checks his major organs. All of this every three months. This seems even more thorough than a family doctor visit would be. My question is for other Type 1's who see an Endocrinologist. Do you consider them your main doctor, your family doctor? And are they as thorough as ours?

So back to the breathing issue... Turns out yes, he was wheezing and also has post nasal drip so of course this means more meds. I am hoping however that maybe this is seasonal. Or if not maybe it will go away on it's own after it is under control. Vince hasn't had asthma in the past. Just some wheezing with a cold and such. So we will see. Until then, inhalers are added to the medicine drawer.

One great thing about going today is he found out that he lost some weight! Yay! Hope it continues since it may help the nerve pain a little bit. Not sure if it would but one can only
hope :)

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  1. hope hes feeling better soon! well we dont have a fabulous r'ship with endos because everytime we go in , theres a different dr rostered. they all know OF us, but we dont really have a solid r'ship yet. since D isnt going away, i guess that will come over the years.