Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Trixy!

Meet Trixy. Our family cat, aka our furry faced baby.

I myself have always been the cat lover between the two of us. I have always grown up with cats, and brought two cats into the relationship when I met Vince. Years later, they both passed away from old age, and I decided I couldn’t live in an empty house and had to get another cat. Vince isn’t (or wasn’t ;) ) a cat person but he agreed the house felt empty after the two had died. So about two years ago we adopted Trixy. She was about 1 years old at the time. I would have liked to have gotten a kitten, but I know how silly and crazy kittens can be. I used my better judgment and knew the little claws would wreak havoc on Vince’s nerve damaged limbs. So I was looking for a young cat and came across Trixy. When we met her, she came onto my lap, and went right to sleep. I just knew she was the one. I looked at Vince and he said “okay” Again, he isn’t the cat person, it was me.

So now two years later, here we are. Vince stays home weekdays, while I am off at work. He has his little routine to keep himself occupied. Apparently, Trixy is part of his routine. She follows him from room to room, lays in “her spot” on the couch and watches tv with him, and even accompanies him to bed for his afternoon naps. They often even play during the day. She is the most playful adult cat I have ever seen. She loves to have her belly rubbed and will let Vince or I do this for as long as we will sit there and continue. One thing that clued me in to their new bond is the fact that she is so in tune with him. When he is having a bad pain day, she will sit next to him, and lick his hand and arm forever. Yes, she licks him for minutes, like 10 mins straight. She will lick my hand but only for a few seconds at a time. Not like him.

I am so glad he has her. They keep each other company during the day. I truly believe in the pet therapy that adult centers and hospitals use. I see firsthand how it helps to keep people going.


  1. Awww. I love that he has Trixy to "hang" with during the day Sandy. I have Max (our cat) and Oscar (our Mini Schnauzer) times for sure.

  2. Cute cat. I love family pets. I'm more a dog person, however, I adore cats. When I became too alergic, I had to stop having kitties and find my little chloe a new home. I miss her. She was a sweetie.

    Enjoy, S

  3. Hey Sandy, I love the idea of "pet therapy"
    to me, Dogs are the thing
    but I can see how cats work for other people
    good for you, good for Trixy, and good for Vince
    sounds like a wonderful situation all around.....

  4. oh my goodness. too cute, propped up on the bed. lol.

  5. My son's dog has been a godsend to have around for my hubby...glad you have your cat.