Monday, March 7, 2011

Healthcare System, Good or Bad?

This weekend Vince went for a haircut and was making small talk with the woman cutting his hair. Somehow they got talking about his diabetes and he mentioned to her that he wears a pump. He was showing off it's neat gadgets and the cgm and the woman said that her 13 year old niece is diabetic. When Vince asked her if she wears a pump too, the woman told him that her brother's insurance doesn't cover the insulin pump or cgm supplies. When he was telling me this I was completely mad. How can an insurance company deny someone the option of using a pump? Sure, you will be fine without it, and just use syringes or pens but to be denied coverage for something like this is absolutely ridiculous! It makes us feel so fortunate for my great insurance to not only cover everything he needs without any question, but to cover 90% of all costs. It is so sad that insurance companies control so much of how you take care of yourself. This kinda leads me to think about the free healthcare that other countries have. Is free better? Well sure if your talking about money, but I would rather not live in a country with free healthcare. I don't believe Vince would get the high level of care he has today. He may not have the most up to date gadgets that make his difficult life a little easier. Also, what would have happened if we lived in a country where surgery was free, but you had to be put on a waiting list in order to have something done? When Vince needed his laser treatments and surgery on his eyes, what if he was put on a list and it ended up taking to long? Sometimes you don't have time to wait. I would rather pay the high cost of healthcare, than have his (or my for that matter) health suffer because of waiting on lists.

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