Monday, March 28, 2011

Selective Hearing

I wanted to share a super short story with my DOC buddies and I completely forgot! I am not sure why this is, but when Vince's CGM beeps to alert him of one thing or another, he tends to tune it out. Probably because the darn thing beeps so much that we have named it "Mr. Beeps" yes we are big kids at heart. It could also be because its not very loud. I would like it to be able to be set at the "annoying alarm clock blaring at you as you jump up in bed when it goes off" level so we hear it more so we don't sleep through it. Anyway, when I normally hear Mr. beeps and I tell him "your beeping!!!" sometimes he heard it and already knows why he is beeping and other times he just didn't realize it. I have become very alert to it for obvious reasons. Gotta stay on top of this stuff :) So we went out to get lunch on Saturday afternoon and as Vince was waiting for the food, I went around the corner to get our drinks and find a table. As I am doing this I could have sworn I heard Mr. Beeps. I thought for a second and then realized there is no way I could have heard it. There were lots of kids running around and I was no where near Vince. So once he came over to the table and sat down, I said to him that I thought I heard him beeping but I was probably imagining it since I was too far away to hear it. He checked just in case and what do you know...he was in fact beeping. I have no clue how I heard this! I have actually been known to have bad hearing. I am the one that says "what" to you 10 times before I can figure out what your saying (annoying I know lololol) But apparently, I have trained my ears to listen for that sound at all times. It's amazing what you do without even realizing it. All in a day of being with a diabetic :)


  1. When tom had his monitor, frequently I "heard" it beeping when he didn't

    frequently I wondered whether this was selective hearing on his part or what

    when I wasn't around, he seemed to take care of things

    but when I was in town, well, he let things slide
    and I had to remind him

    what's that about?

    your story, unfortunately, is not crazy
    its sad

    good luck

    maybe I have become cynical
    but then again
    I'm very tired

  2. No, it has crossed my mind too :) he needs my help with a lot because of his nerve damage so I think he leans on me more when I am home with him. Natural to do I guess :) ps: I'm tired too!!

  3. And yes, it is sad. But it is OUR DOC life and somehow we all manage to keep going :)

  4. Hi. I just found your blog, look forward to reading along. Im a type3, lol, my son was dx @ 8months old so im learning how to care for him. I know what you mean about all the little beeps and such. When the meter reminders and alarms go off to check in the night, I sometimes *dont* hear them. And we dont even have a pump or a cgm! You just get used to them/tune the out!

  5. Hi Sandy My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at 9 months. She didn't have any antibodies at diagnosis. She has a rare type called neonatal diabetes. Have you heard of it?
    I have a bit of info about in on my blog. Check it out.
    Could your husband have this type?
    It makes a real differnece to the treatment.

  6. Too funny about Mr. Beeps. That is amazing!

    Love, S

  7. Melissa, thank you so much for the comments! That is very interesting. My personal opinion is that yes he problem has that kind. We have yet to find a doctor or other diabetic that has heard of being diagnosed at 6 months old. His diabetes is now controlled but it is very interesting nonetheless. I am guessing that the testing back in 1980 was not very good so he just got diagnosed as type 1 and that was that. Thanks again!!!!!

  8. The doctors at the Kolver diabetes Centre in Chicago do specialise in Neonatal diabetes. Contact them if you can. A DNA test is required to confirm a diagnosis of Neonatal Diabetes. It is usually caused by a single mutation in the DNA. Treatment can be much simpler and give better control. My daughter's HbA1C is 5.5

    Some adults with Neonatal diabetes have been able to change to oral drugs. But is can't reverse the damage already done by diabetes.

    Part of the reason I read blogs in the DOC is to find others who might have Neonatal diabetes and haven't even heard of it.