Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I recently began to realize how scheduled our lives are. Not that we have a lot going on, and we don't even have kids to run after, but it seems we are always busy. Times that we are not busy, I find myself trying to mentally catch up. From Vince taking his medication for his nerve pain, 3 times a day at specific times, to changing his insulin pump and sensor every few days, we are constantly trying to remember to take care of everything. Even the everyday things that other people do with out thinking, are scheduled for us. Everyday when I arrive home from work, it's right to the kitchen to get dinner made and carbs counted so Vince can bolus his insulin for the meal. Then it seems that every Saturday morning, we go grocery shopping and drug store runs along with any other places we might need to go. We try to schedule our errands on the weekend around how Vince is feeling physically. Normally we go out late morning and by the early afternoon we have to make our way home, because he has normally had enough and is usually in pain. In between our daily diabetic care, we have multiple doctors appointments to schedule and attend. It can get to be a lot but when we don't have things to do and errands to run, we try to stay home and relax as it get pretty physically and mentally tiring. I  know a lot of the other bloggers have diabetic children, not spouses, but I am wondering if everyone else seems to have as much of a scheduled life as we do.

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