Friday, February 25, 2011

Regular or Diet

I have talked about this topic before and it seems that all diabetics and caregivers of diabetics have the same frustration. Its the common misconception about diabetics that they are not allowed to eat foods that contain sugar. As I have stated, diabetics can have sugar, as long as they keep portion control in mind. Here is a good way to explain it. There is no such thing as a diabetic diet these days. Diabetics are urged to have a healthy diet including fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Sound familiar? Yes, this is the healthy diet that is recommended for all people, diabetic or not. So can a diabetic have a small bowl of ice cream or a slice of cake? Yes, as long as they have the insulin to cover the extra carbs. And just like all other people, they shouldn't indulge in the sweets food group to often while trying to maintain a healthy diet. As far as my husband Vince goes, he isn't a huge cake or ice cream guy as it is, but if he is offered these desserts, he will normally politely decline and say no thank you because he knows the myth that is out there and chooses to try and avoid the entire situation. You may wonder why after all of the information I have just given, why diabetics drink diet soda or diet sports drinks. This is because the more sugar in a food or drink, the more carbs. When you consume extra carbs, you have to take extra insulin. This is okay if you are treating yourself once in a while, but not as an everyday meal or beverage habit. You would use way to much insulin and would be prone to a lot more highs and lows in blood sugar control.  Insulin also causes weight gain so it's best to avoid having to use extra when possible.
I have even find myself preferring a diet drink or sugar free food over the regular sweetened kind. I am realizing these foods are filled with empty calories and a lot of extra sugar that we shouldn't be consuming, even for non diabetics.

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