Friday, June 3, 2011

Decent Days

My last post was so depressing. It was the morning I had. Waking up to that is depressing. But within a few hours I got busy in my work and I soon "forgot" about it. Okay, more like, I shoved it in the way back of my mind. So on to something more cheery, Vince has been feeling decent with the summer weather we have had! He is still decreasing the Lyrica slowly and it hasn't seemed to make a difference, so on we will go with that plan and see how he does by the time we hit zero. One less medication, seven whole pills less in his daily mix, will be great if it works! Oh and one more thing, on a side note, his sugars have been decent during the night. He is a big night time high person and every time the doctor tries to adjust his basal settings for the night time highs, he goes low. It seems for the moment at least, they got the basal right and he has been running decent at night. I hope I don't jinx it by writing this! His CGM actually has beeping a lot through the night since his sugar has been hovering around 80-100 but i dont mind waking up to that sound, knowing he okay. They have his low alarm set at 80-100 since he doesn't feel his lows, and that setting will give him enough time to react. So dealing with some beeping but otherwise, having some decent days, for now. Hoping for a great weekend. Our nieces birthdays are being celebrated on Sunday. I am hoping that Vince is still feeling decent enough to go. He missed seeing them last time because he wasnt feeling good. I am sure he will be able to go this time!

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  1. I sure hope you can make it to your niece's b-day Sandy...and great news on so many levels. I hope he continues to feel well (that is my favorite part of this how he is feeling).