Friday, June 17, 2011

A Great Tip!

While reading someone's blog, I came across a tip that I thought would be very useful for Vince (and I when I am nursing him back from an episode). Of course I have no memory lately so I cannot remember where I read this so I can't give anyone credit for the great tip. Anyway, they suggested buying a powdered form of glucose. I knew it came in tablet, liquid and gel form, but not powder form. I will be looking for this tomorrow at the store! They suggested to add the powder to boost a glass of juice or sweetened tea in the even of a low episode. The point behind doing this is that, a lot of times, in Vince's case, he doesn't want to drink an entire cup or even two, of juice or soda. If you boost it with the glucose powder then you will get more sugar in a smaller amount of liquid that you have to consume! I also think this would come in handy, in the event Vince is not able to drink completely on his own. If I am pouring the drink in his mouth or desperately trying to get him to drink while he is "out of it", he won't have to force so much liquid down to do the job! He is also dealing with an appitite issue lately as a side effect from some medicine. Sometimes, his appetite is so bad that it makes his nausea come and go and the thought of drinking a cup or two of sugar is not what he would call enjoyable. If he used the powder to boost the drink, he wouldn't have to consume so much! Great tip that we will definatley use!

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  1. Vince is so lucky, to have you on his side! You sound like a one-woman army, fighting for your man - YOU ROCK!!!