Friday, June 10, 2011

Minute by Minute, Hour by Hour

I have a great example of no rhyme or reason when it comes to managing Diabetes. In the last 24-48 hours, Vince’s sugars have been AWESOME! He has been running between 80 and 120 for 12 hour stretches. Last night before I went to bed, I took a look at his pump. I knew he was running on the lower side and wanted to make sure he wasn’t trending too low before I went to sleep. I asked him what he has been doing different when I saw the great numbers again. The only thing we could think that even might have caused the good numbers is that he was not eating greasy, fatty foods. These food can cause high numbers because of the oils. But I couldn’t even say that was it completely that because there was one meal in there that was greasy. So we still didn’t have an answer to the good readings, but as normal, we just took the good and went about our business. This morning before work, I checked his pump and he read 285! I woke him up to test and bolus for a correction. I asked him if he ate anything before bed and he said no. He said he was that high when he laid down and he took a correction. Apparently, it didn’t lower it any. I am confident that it will come back down in a few hours. It always does! But why were his numbers so great and then all the sudden so bad? He does the same thing pretty much every day so we can’t relate it to activity. Also, his pain was about the same for the last few days so it’s probably not related to pain or stress. Sometimes, there is just no explanation with the managing of sugar levels when it comes to Diabetes. You never know what you will get day to day, which is what causes a lot of the stress. No matter how much you “manage” it, how much you are on top of it hour to hour, minute to minute, you will still have periods that you can’t control, good and bad and that is the scary part. A good situation can turn bad in minutes.


  1. This up and down thing is so frustrating. And sometimes it does seem like it happens for no reason. My thought on this is that so many factors come into play, it is sometimes impossible to figure out. As you said, illness, pain and stress all affect the blood sugars, and that's BEFORE you factor in what our hubbies eat.

  2. Diabetes is a disease where effort rarely equals results. Trying to accept that aspect of the disease is maddening.