Saturday, June 25, 2011

Loving My Blog

I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately. It has served as a great tool to meet new people, vent my feelings, explain our crazy life to people who want to learn and understand, as well as a great place to keep a record of what is happening. I have also noticed that by blogging, I am learning a lot of what is going on in the D world. New "inventions" and new research and such. Although I am not sure a cure will not be found in Vince's lifetime, it is intersting to see the road to a possible cure one day. The more I am reading and talking to Vince, the more he is getting interested as well. Up until now, he just focused on the day to day care, which isn't a bad thing by far. But now when I tell him about an interesting fact or find that I come across, he is interested as well. He gets excited about new finds like his CGM. Although this was found before our blogging life, it is still an example of him getting "excited" about what new things are out there for him.
I glanced at my recent posts on the right hand side. It look like maybe we had a decent month in May? Not too many posts. Was this because there was a lot of medical happenings going on? I don't know, but it is interesting. I think about a few years down the line, and going back and reading what was happening to us in 2011. Where will we be then? Will we be better off? Or will Vince be in just as much pain and discomfort as he is today? What new worries will we or I have on our shoulders? I can predict a few but let's leave it to life and see what else falls in our laps.

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  1. Hi Sandy! Like you, it wasn't until I found blogs from other T1's that I started to feel some measure of emotional relief from the disease. Hearing the "latest" and also receiving so much support from bloggers and the DOC has helped me so much. I know you don't have the actual disease but by all measures, you really do because of the level of care you provide. Don't get mad at your frustrations, we all have them! BTW, I live in Minneapolis and in our sunday newspaper from 6/26/11 there was an article about hope for t1 diabetics who've had the disease for more than a decade. I just gave all the details about the article on my blog. It gives hope for us!