Thursday, June 23, 2011

Problem VS paranoia

Today Vince had an appointment with a pulminologist for his wheezing. I came home from work with plenty of time to get there on time. About 30 mins before leaving he asked me to help him put his socks and shoes on. As I was, I noticed his one toe was purple. I freaked out. It looked like his toe/foot was starting to die. A scary thing for a diabetic with neuropathy. I grabbed the phone and called his podiatrist and explained what I saw. As I was on hold waiting to see when they could see him, Vince remembered he stubbed his toe a day or two ago. I said well that looks awfully bad. You should have it checked anyway. We had about 30 minutes before we had to leave for the pulminologist appoint. Luckily the podiatrist is about 1/4 mile down the street from our house so we were able to jump in the car and race over. They took us right away. Luckily they know us and us and squeezed him in. The doctor took one look and said it seems okay but let's get an X-ray to be sure it's not broken. X-ray came back fine. Apparently he just bruised the heck out of the darn thing. That was almost the doctors exact words. Haha I asked the doctor how we would know the difference between a bruise and something worse and he said using there is swelling and more redness if an infection was killing the toe or foot but it is always better to get it checked just in case. He said that also happens more when there are circulation issues, but they check his circulation at his check ups and so far so good. So within 30 mins, we saw the doctor, got an X-ray, got the results, and we were sent on our way to the pulminologist. I thanked them perfusely for getting us in and out in time for the next appointment. At the pulminologist they did some breathing tests and took notes on Vince's history. I really liked that doctor. He said I don't believe it is asthma since it is more of a noisy wheezing than an actual shortness of breath, so I don't want to put you on more medicine than you are already on. I thanked him for that. He said it is probably combo of post nasal drip and the extra weight Vince has causing the symptoms. He gave Vince a simple machine to measure his breaths at home. He just blows into it once or twice a day and writes the results. After 6 weeks or so we will go back and talk about the findings. Overall, not a bad day for the docs! We have decided that me checking his feet every few days isn't enough. I told him he HAS to have me take a look every single day. I may forget so it's up to him to ask me. We probably would have noted his toe yesterday if I had checked them everyday since he can't see his feet in detail too well.


  1. So glad that the toe wasn't more serious. As for the doc, good for him that he didn't want to immediately throw more medication at Vince until he did some tests. So often, that is the first thing they do.

  2. Like Lilly, I'm really glad the toe wasn't worse. It's a good thing that your podiatrist is nearby, familiar with your situation, and willing to see Vince on such short notice. Our doctor is like that but he is retiring in August. He has been our doctor for 22 years and I supposed I am going through a grieving process. He has always been THERE for us - but now he won't be any more. We are supposed to meet a new candidate tomorrow. Or I should say. later today. It's nearly four in the morning and I can't sleep.

    I'm recovering from foot surgery and the first time the doctor unwrapped my foot after surgery, the entire front half of the foot was PURPLE! Involuntarily, I cried, "EEEWWW! That's GROSS!" This doctor is a great guy and has known us for a few years and said, in a joking way, "Excuse me, that's MY handiwork you're talking about, and if I say so myself, that's a nice-looking foot you've got there. For this stage of the process, anyway." That made me laugh, but it was still nasty-looking.

    It's been just over two months since the surgery, and all the casts and bandages and such are off, but after a lot of walking, the operated foot still tends to swell a little and has a slightly more purplish tinge than the other one.

    Note to Vince: I'm old enough to be your grandmother. In us old folks, stuff takes longer to heal, so never mind my rambling!

    Glad the toe didn't turn out to be the disaster it could have been.

    Take care, you two!!

  3. Oy...glad the toe is OK. And, good news on no more meds for now. You guys had a busy day.

  4. Thanks guys, and yes reyna, worked then the two appointments....TGIF today!