Saturday, February 19, 2011

24/7, 365 Days A Year

Diabetic care is a 24/7 job where you don't get breaks. As Vince's wife, I am always watching him, making sure his lows aren't to low and his highs aren't to high. Making sure to wake him up from naps to take his meds for his nerve pain. Pricking his finger in his sleep or asking him to check his sugar if I get nervous that a low is coming on. Wheeling and dealing with him in a low episode to get him to just take one more spoonful of yogurt or to take one more sip of soda while his body and mind is fighting him. Doing the cleaning and cooking while he does what he can to control his pain and stay comfortable. What happens when he or I get sick? The marathon must go on. If he gets a virus, that just means double the finger sticks and double the stress on the both of us to make sure he is keeping down his food and keeping his blood sugar under control. If I get sick and can't get off the couch, then dinner ends up to be take out. (after he offers to try cook but we both know that isn't the best idea) His care doesn't stop if we are feeling under the weather. He still needs help putting his socks on And helping him around the house when his legs aren't steady. Assistance is still needed when changing his infusion set and sensor on his pump. Diabetes is unfair to him and everyone around him.

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