Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Strange Comfort

Why do I find comfort in seeing other people that are using insulin pumps, or hearing others stories of their type 1 diabetes? It's almost as if when I see this, it makes me feel like Vince and I live a normal life. Seeing how others stop to test, or stop to treat low sugar. Or Hearing stories of others who have weak reactions. It is so intriguing to see this and to see how they deal with this in their everyday life. Being so involved in Vince's treatment, I sometimes forget that I am not the one that is Diabetic. Is this why it comforts me? I read stories or see videos online about people talking about their recent visit to their Endocrinologist and their A1C and it is like they are in my world for the moment. How it makes their day when they have a good doctor's appointment or when they have a good numbers day. I know all to well the ups and downs they go through, and it is very comforting for me to see these stories. I seem to find more comfort in these these things than Vince does. I am guessing this is because this is the only life he has ever known, and to him this IS a normal life. But for me, I have not been a diabetic all my life, or even had much knowledge of it, so this is still new to me, even after 8 years. Although the everyday routines now feel like a normal day to me, it still comforts me to see others who have the exact same events going on in their day to day lives.

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