Friday, February 4, 2011

Our Home Pharmacy

What many people may not realize is how much that goes into the organization and care when you have diabetes and are insulin dependent. Add in complications from the disease, and you have a pharmacy in your home in no time. Between the full shelf of a 3 month supply of insulin vials and spare insulin pens in the refrigerator and the 4 drawer stacked container of medications, pump and sensor supplies, spare glucose meters, and meter supplies, it’s no wonder we find room for everything, let alone get it organized so that we know when things need reordering. Needless to say, our pharmacist knows us by name. Since Vince deals with so much chronic pain from the neuropathy, along with numbness and muscle weakness, I take care of ordering and organizing all of the supplies, and filling his weekly pill box, as it is hard for him to see and feel all of the tiny pills. As far as his insulin pump and continuous glucose sensor, these things need to be replaced on his abdomen about every two days. I assist him in getting the supplies needed for the changing and do the actual inserting of the infusion set and sensor on his belly. It is very hard for him to feel and see the details needed in attaching the different parts to himself, so we work very well as a team and have this pretty down pat.

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