Monday, February 14, 2011

Unable to Rest

I will never forget that night, about 5 years ago. It was the most traumatic event I have ever had as the wife of a Type 1 Diabetic. It was about 2:00am and I awoke to Vince shaking in the bed. I repeatedly asked him if he was okay. When he didn't respond, I leaped out of bed, flicked on the light switch and realized he was unconscious. I raced to my cell phone and punched in 
9-1-1. The operator came on the line and asked, "what is your emergency?" I explained that my husband (boyfriend at the time) was unconscious and was having a weak reaction and explained that his body was "twitching". They said he is probably having a seizure from the low blood sugar and asked me if he was breathing. I looked at his chest and said yes. They said the ambulance is on the way and to let them know if he stops breathing. All I remember is saying over and over, he is shaking! He is shaking! He had never acted like this in a low episode, let alone been unconscious. I was so scared. I hung up with the operating and ran to open the front door and let the EMT's know where to go. (our apartment isn't the easiest to find) when I saw them coming I yelled, please hurry! They came in and put an iv in Vince's arm and said once they give him glucose he will wake up. They seemed to move so slow. I wanted to yell, hurry up! Soon after they got the iv in, Vince started to wake up and he stopped shaking. He looked around and the EMT said hi to him and told him what was happening. They asked me to make him a sandwich and get him something to drink. Soon after he was completely back to normal. After the paramedics left, I told him how his body was twitching and he said that can happen, and it is nothing to worry about. I was so freaked out and upset. I had asked the doctor for a prescription for a glucagon kit and looking back, I wondered why the doctor never gave this to us in the first place. Vince explained to me that this was a very rare episode, a "once in a lifetime" type of situation and that it is unlikely that he will go completely unconscious again.
From that day forward, I literally slept with one eye open. Any move Vince made in his sleep, I would wake right up and check to be sure he was okay. I would nudge him multiple times a night, and ask "are you okay?". I was so terrified of the episode repeating itself. To this day, I find myself nervous when he takes naps. If I notice him not snoring at night, I sit up and watch to be sure his chest is rising. Since he got his monitor, I have calmed down a lot more, but it is always in the back of my mind to check on him and make sure he is okay when he is sleeping.

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  1. Bless your heart! I can only begin to imagine how scary that was :( As a mother, its one of my WORST nightmares!! I often think about Kacey finding a husband and I daydream about how difficult his life is going to be. I think you definately deserve an award because I know how hard it is as a parent!

    Thanks for finding my blog :) I added you to my blogroll! Nice to "meet" you!