Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The fine line between low and too low

This evening Vince and I visited his Neurologist. It was a pretty quick appointment, with little change recommended from the doctor. He could see that Vince was looking good and had lost some weight. He said he doesn't want to change anymore medicine for the time being. I think I like that idea. I think it will help him to take time and let his body adjust without increasing his topamax, as the doc has been doing for the last few months. Since Vince's good days are getting better, he wants to give him a few months to see what happens. Although the bad pain days are still frequent, when he has a good day, the good day is really good, so we will see. He also explained that even though his sugars are controlled at an A1C of 6.7, he thinks that if we can mange to get it even lower, that eventually the pain will give a little and the nerves may start to calm down. It is a tricky game though. He has had plenty of times in the past that his A1C was around 6.3 but there were lots of hypo low reactions. That is the hard part of this game. To try to keep him as low as possible without to many low episodes. So we agreed to try to correct him more often and be as strict as we can to see if we can get it lower, but try to avoid the hypoglycemia episodes as best as we can. I think with the two of us watching it around the clock, then we should be able to do it. It will just take more monitoring day and night. A lot of times, I will check his sensor before I leave for work and if it shows 160, I won't correct him since I will be calling him to wake him to take his medicine later in the morning. I think from now one we need to carefully and cautiously correct him and just really keep an eye out for the lows. We will see if we can do this and see how it works. He also said that if he can get his A1C even lower, he may have MORE pain at first before it gets better since the nerves will try to calm, a process that also causes pain. So pain all around but hopefully with this approach, we can continue to try to get hubby feeling better as the days go on. We will see the doctor in a few months for another check up, after he has had 2 more A1C checks. The doctor made a big point to say we are both doing a great job in doing everything we can to help Vince feel better. It is nice to hear these encouraging words from the doctor!


  1. isnt that the crazy part about diabetes. riding low without being TOO low. argh.

  2. I know, I hate that. My hubby is a big "low" guy so we have to be careful. We just have to correct him more often I suppose.