Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Quick Update

I wanted to write a quick update on the steroid sugar catastrophe from last weekend. Vince's sugars are back to normal and he is only using the Proventil (albuteral) for his occasional wheezing. Tonight we visited a different family doctor in the practice and explained what the idiot doctor did to him. He was obviously very careful how to respond since it is the same family practice but was very very nice and took his time with us. I have seen him a few times in the past and i really liked him so we are definitely sticking with him. He explained that going forward Vince should see a Pulmonologist. He said that he can use the one inhaler as needed but if the wheezing gets to bad and he needs a preventive, then the Pulmonologist is the one to see since he is diabetic and cannot take regular asthma medications (obviously) He said they may give him a different set of meds than the normal steroids to control the wheezing if need be and that they are more experienced in dealing with special cases. So all in all, it looks like he is fixed up for now.


  1. Sounds at least like you are on the right track. Here's hoping things go much better for both of you!

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  3. (Sorry Sandy, I had a wrong word and had to re-comment.)

    Excellent advice. I'm glad you found a doctor you feel more comfortable with. Sadly, I feel you will always have to second guess any future new medications for Vince.

    Doctors are only human and just because they have a degree doesn't make them a god. There are many more bad ones out there than good. Keep your guard up and use that wise head you have on your shoulders.


  4. oh gosh. so glad that scary episode is over!