Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Light Bulb Finally Went On

So here it is again, this time 3:30AM and I am awake. Vince's sugar has been running consistently high recently with no explanation. No matter how much insulin we give him it just won't go down. So this morning, I am awaken by Mr. Beeps and he is asking for a calibration, meter BG. So I get up, turn on the light (no more being lazy, it's just easier to turn on the darn light! LOL) and I get Vince's meter. I prick his finger and he is once again, still high. So I dose him with about 6.5 units of insulin (per the good ole' Revel, gotta love not doing the math) and I am about to close my eyes and go back to sleep when it dawns on me: he must have a bad site. Or maybe his site is in a bad spot. Regardless, now I am left with the decision of either waking him to change his site, which as I have explained before is not an easy task due to his lovely medication, or I can just change it myself. So why am I still contemplating this? Well because it is also the day to change his sensor site and flip to the other side of his belly. (all of which is done in one "transaction") So do I wait until later this morning (when the darn sun is up LOL) or do I change everything now? I hate changing the sensor, because sometimes it doesn't play nice. Do I really want to deal with that at now 4:00AM? Well, I think I will. He needs to get his sugar down and I think changing the site is the only thing we haven't tried. So off I go with a bunch of needles back to bed. I or we will be up in another two hours to calibrate the sensor and then hopefully back to sleep after that.


  1. Still, I sit here in a state of awe over the support and help you provide Vince with. I know I have said this before, but I soooooo hope Joe finds someone as supportive as you are to Vince. I think it is simply wonderful.

  2. Thanks Reyna :) I guess I just accept that since he has so much "wrong" he needs my help so I don't think much of it.

  3. Sandy it makes me so happy to read your blog. I am already praying that Reuben finds a great wife like you are to your husband. Its a comfort to know committed loving wives are out there to be found.